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I had to reset my Monday morning, being a very passionate person isn’t easy… I’m use to my partner calming me down…

It is definitely challenging to love someone that’s not available to love you or lust for someone you can’t have.

However, to find peace and use that as motivation maybe more meaningful… We can’t control who the heart wants to love…

We express for people to be real and being real I find myself constantly judged for who I love… Which has been my biggest challenge. Trying to stay authentic in a world that tries to knock you down.

Sometimes loving the idea that love exists means more to that person than you could ever know. We can’t speak on someone else’s feelings of love because it’s different for everyone.

Just because the world doesn’t want you to love that person doesn’t mean your heart will agree. A person shouldn’t be forced to love someone that’s available, but you have absolutely no connection to them.

Finding the right woman should touch your soul in ways no one else has...which could lead to taking away feelings you had for someone else. That’s what makes you know it’s the right one. When the purpose is meaningful not manipulative… Settling for just anyone won’t do… What’s meant will find a way to be… 💜🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾

Our lust is a tapestry, painted in curves of love framed from soulful words that I often find myself wandering in…

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