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Some people have to hurt people because they’re hurt… With so many imperfections that they have, and things that can be said about them, they will never see their own reflection, but will judge yours… This is the season of love and accepting what you deserve…

Loving the wrong people in life is a lesson. However, it ends to your benefit because love always win…

Trust me God is handling these evil people… Anyone that has done you wrong has to pay for that… If you look closer it’s obviously happening…  When you get over loving the wrong person you quickly appreciate who is the right one…

💜🏳️‍🌈💋🙏🏾🧿 #sweep


My heart has been swept free,

Ready to breathe the new scent of love,

I’ve been judged by the imperfect…

Hurt by the underserving…

My soul lies in a temple of imperfections

Stretch marks that bloomed into soft slopes of heaven,

With a heart that will heal over and over

Bitterness can’t survive…I’m a born lover,

Waiting for you to sweep me off my feet,

Forgetting the loves that were a mistake, and never meant to be…

Slowly pull me closer

Picking up the pieces left uncovered,

Love me gentle,

In trust that I’ll feed your mental,

Touch me softly,

Knowing I can heal you quicker than fatigue with morning coffee,

Sweep me up with love,

In nights of communication that will not be boring

Picnics of love ending in naughty stories,

Show me you want me,

Never leaving my mind wondering,

Sweep me like the Bulls did in 96’

Knocking out all competition…

Give me this love I can’t resist,

Sweeping me off my feet into your hands…hugging the essence of God’s heaven sent…

All rights by Shana A. ©️

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