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Support Lesbian Authors

Hi everyone, Tuesday Harper I have to add to your post. She mentioned not being in competition with anyone but herself and I’m in full agreement with her… I been saying this since day one.

When we try to compete with each other it takes away from everyone and the craft. The power is in togetherness.

Right now we are losing readers to Tiktok videos and nonsenses…Everybody want things easy. As Authors we have to promote people to read. We also have to be careful what we are supporting because somethings take away from what we as Authors want and that’s for people to read our books. Saving the minds of the future.

I’ve never been here to compete because I have my own goals I haven’t shared. I’m not here to do other people’s vendor events or to just read poetry online or at someone else’s events. I’m not selling myself short. I’m not here to limit myself. Although I don’t knock those that do choose to go that route, that’s not my goal. My mindset is owning my own events, club and goals beyond others expectations. Therefore you can’t compete with someone that you don’t even know their mission or mindset… I’m doing it on MY TIME!!!

We should be supporting people because we want to see them win at whatever their goals are. Not just what we want them to do.

I started Greatness with Greatness to help others. It can be challenging because some of the people you help turn against you in secret competition. I’m not going to let that stop me…

I got a lot great lesbian writers I’m interviewing. I also pick atleast one heterosexual supporter to interview because they support us.

Please get out that mindset that you have to compete to win. We need as many people supporting our lesbian Authors. We all have our own unique styles… If you want support back you have to give it too and quit being arrogant that supporting someone else takes away from you….

Check out:

Tuesday Harper: Queen of the Banished

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Check out all their collections. Tuesday Harper started a 100 Sapphic Author list check it out and support…


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