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Simmering Deja Vu

Simmering Deja Vu

Here I go again,

Deja vu in the depths of you,

Unwinding in jets steaming of your warmth

In mind of your massaging touch,

Manifested radiance is the dream I keep having here…

Playing in our fire, my body turned on to your channel,

For only you to tune in and exude these sensual vibes

Kissing me into ecstasy highs,

Fondling my curves on your electric rides…

The light of love shining when we’re joined together, it’s frightening…

Your breath is my breath

Surreal, to feel a love like this

Through thoughts

You’ve become my erotic fix…

Deja Vu

With only you on mind

Sitting in this jacuzzi is where I want to unleash

Making love to your snatched soul

I took with words of prophecy,

Your hands lubricating love in silence

Taking us to hidden fantasies,

Where I feel your concerns…

Caring deeply but fearing the fold

This love is different, it can’t get old…

Relax and release what we can’t control,

Swim in the depths of me

To feel our souls charging to an all new synergy

Real love, loving you without the warmth of your touch

Embracing your soul in heated lust,

Stimulating what I want to conclude…

Deja Vu, meeting a love my soul once knew…

Eye to eye in the depths of you…

Breathing a new life of love

Bathe in intensity, in simmering deja vu of you & me…


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