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Shower You

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Shower You

Baby, love me bold…

In return,

I’ll shower you with all my love,

Vibrating ripples to your soul

In silence we can make love…

Speaking to each other souls,

When the thunder rolls

Comfort me with words from your heart,

Securing me that you have my back in the eye of the storm

Can you handle your match???

A woman that’s a boss and can have your back…

Can you handle a full partnership

Showering you with the same love you gave

Can you handle my down pours

Calming my nerves drenched with your essence making me feel whole

I want to shower you in everything you deserve

Beyond the material in unconditional love,

Building a home we both dreamed of

That will stand for our children, children to take hold…

My vision for us is beyond the flock of birds

Above the stormy clouds

More than fitting in with the crowd…

We deserve more than a basic love,

Showering our bodies to the core

Caressing your masculinity and indulging in your femininity

Quivering in moisture

Soaked in our passion,

Making you laugh, healing your body with my anesthetic

I told you in the beginning my love is magnetic…

Wrap me in your silence and words

Vocalizing you’ll never let me go,

Speak to my heart and my soul

In return…

Baby, I’ll shower you with all my love… Shana A. ©️

image take by J_Alex


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