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Baby, I don’t want to always be strong,

I want frolic in your love when I come home

Freeing my burdens in your arms…

I want to be the butterfly that tickle your petals…

Warming my sins in your lust

Releasing the pain through my rain in your jungle…

I don’t want to feel alone in your presence

I want you as my security blanket,

I want to trust you with every cell of my mind

Feel your blood pumping through mines…

I been in situations where all I had was me to hold

To be the provider, the bread winner

Over feeding their souls…

Other than a mother’s love

Nobody took care of me…

I’m not use to being vulnerable

I strayed away from being weak….

I must confess I want a love that can cuddle my back

When I’m not looking

Taking me into mental finesse…

Tell me when I’m wrong in loving caress

I don’t need your money I want your soul to enlighten me,

Whatever you don’t have

Together we can make happen…

Be the one

I can…fuck from black to pink to white sand beaches…

Leaving tracing of your love across my physique,

Letting me know you love that I’m unique…

I don’t always want be strong

How can I not be when I don’t have you to hold, I’m covered with protection, but standing on my own,

Waiting for the day my equal comes home…

I’m an Urban Poet and proud… Don’t underestimate us… We not just writing words, we breeding our soul through words…💜🧿🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾#shana

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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