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Set Free

Set Free

I’ve disconnected misdialed connections

In search of what I thought was perfection,

Until I realized I take pride

In trials and tribulations that paved the outline of my successes

I learned to love myself first in time of solitary,

My only objection is how my heart was left stranded…

I was set free in my truth to you

Again left with emptiness to conclude…

Flames burning only for you

Even when people tried to put the fire out for you

What you didn’t know I’ve always remained loyal and true…

Passion of anger to elude

I can’t help but love you, my delivery continue to be misconstrued…

You’ll never know the heights I would have climbed for you,

I wanted you to feel and learn me

Reading behind the lines of intimacy

Knowing what’s real and what’s fantasy

Even the fantasies was a hopeful reality

I gave you me but the truth wasn’t as convincing…

How can I be me if you keep throwing the past at me

How can the shackles of mistakes be destroyed for destiny

This isn’t the universe mistake, it’s pride and ego in the way, it’s conformity to rules when love has no rules…

I’ll still hold my head high

Knowing I set my feelings free

To live and love what’s ready for me,

They say follow your heart but it takes two to be free

Spoken peace to move forward in clarity,

I kept my head up through rejection and unfulfilled dreams

What’s left of this

When I speak the truth it’s not believed,

Desired actions never warranted

I did everything but beg forgiveness

No mens rea to the accusations my love ain’t real

I’m still going to love you until eternity

Maybe one day you’ll feel me…

I swallowed my pride for one last time

Still I hold my head high,

I’ll move forward with love even if it takes being in the arms of another one

I’ll never stop answering love, misdialed connection…even when the dial tone is rejection,

I can’t hide my feelings so I’m set free in them

Not caring what you think or see of them,

Blocking pathways don’t remove the energy

I never invaded spaces that didn’t invite me…

A part of my soul left unloved

I’ll never beg to be loved,

I remain in peace of self happiness…free in my truth whether you believe that’s up to you…I’m set free…


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