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Selfish Bake

Selfish Bake

You sampled a taste of my sweetness without fully digging in…

With more than enough for you to feast

You only saw the decor and not my velvety layers within…

I wanted you to immerse yourself into me,

Starting from the inside through the frosting to the tiara on my figurine…

I wanted you to learn my every ingredient to understand all of my components…

To see how I rise from bad tasting contents,

To see how rich I am in economical flavors,

I wanted you to savor every part of me…

Not to just look at me watching the passion rot,

I wanted you to learn the stories in between…

You left a perfect bake to be a selfish plate

Where you don’t want anyone else to taste my cake…

How selfish can you be

To not take a piece

Or letting anyone else feast…


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