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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

A poet don’t do things for acceptance, we speak our truths… I do everything thing for a reason baby…

People wearing that narcissist word out, it’s so played out!!! Some Narcissists a turn on to me… who am I to judge… 😂

Nobody is perfect and most people have some sort of narcissistic trait, it’s just presented in differently ways. It’s about your intentions at the end of the day and the love in your heart and soul for me…

I love everybody as long as you’re not out here killing, raping, a hidden racist etc. any things of that magnitude. None of us are perfect, little miss perfect!!!

I don’t have to bring people down or right a essay to prove I’m intelligent, I just be me… #winning #comingforeverythingthatsmines

I love everybody for their weaknesses and strengths…



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