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Rare Love Petals

Rare Love Petals

Standing here in my growth

Patiently awaiting rare petals with the same rooted love language,

Not forcing a connection tied with public acceptance

I’m only seeking a rare connection

Fearless enough to handle society’s pressure,

Turning down unwanted petals of those not on my level...

I await for the love that stimulates my efflorescence to my rare petals,

Feeding my soul a love I never embraced

The woman that won’t let me run away,

Being the other half of my soul

Making me feel whole,

The photosynthesis to my sensuality

Nourishing my body

Wetting my petals, feeding my intimate desires...

I won’t accept anything less,

I’ll stand alone until I meet the love I think of before resting my eyes

The one that awakes me with smiles from the morning sunshine

The soul that wipes away my tears when I cry,

A love that feeds me loving poetic words

Making me want to give her the world,

A twin flame I can trust with my most intimate secrets without worrying about judgement

Loving all my imperfections...realizing I’m different,

A bond, as two souls become one

Parallel to my rare love petals...together as one,

Continuing to evolve no matter the turmoil,

Mutual chase, rare love petals outside the vase,

A love that’s uniquely special

No one else can measure,

Worth more than gold...not just settling to be hold,

I’ll reap the love that I’m worth

Remaining patient as God let everything unfold... By Shana A. ©


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