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Rain into Sunshine

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Rain into Sunshine

Drip drip drop…splatter…the sound of the rain tapping the window

Synchronized with a throbbing heart

Nature’s tears cradled fears,

The rain brought smiles, finding self-happiness in watering the drought,

Until your face appeared,

A hurricane surged the heart

A name you can’t hide from, a smile torn apart

Category 5, how do you repair the damage in the heart

Walking in a storm of love…

Sizzling hot, standing in heated rain

Hoping the moon would ease the pain

No need to cry…drenched in faith

That the rain will one day go away…

Grieved through grief

When the heart was stolen by Cupid’s thief

A villain of feral love; watching the rain smother me, pulling me under,

Until the rain became me…

Fought sadness of being lonely

A dormant connection

Absence from someone to build with,

No one to help protect the temple

The rain became senseless,

It was time to stand tall, fighting the winds of lost love

Losses became lessons,

What I didn’t know was the rain was my healing…my blessing,

A new beginning…

The rain washed away pain leading me into real love’s transition…

Blossomed into a mature ray of sunshine

A sunflower growing tall in lavender,

With a spirit raining in positive energy

Loyal to the finish…

A breeze of luck to others, I was rewarded with finding my power, love will forever drain the rain…

I’ll be her sunflower, loving her unconditionally every hour

The joy of her heart, devoted in true happiness…the sun shining amongst her darkness…

Standing strong in the skin I’m in

No words can break my spirit…

Producing seeds to grow stronger

Shining high amongst toxins,

Killing whatever tries to break me,

Those that raved of my storm will be blinded by my glow…

No more dark clouds chasing me,

The dark nights will no longer stop my light from beaming,

Loving me through the rain into sunshine, is when real love walked in my life…

I…alone, turned my rain into sunlight…


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