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Rain Candy

Rain Candy

While the rain falls

Let’s leave the Southside of Chicago…

Listening to R&B sounds beating to the synchronization of the anticipation,

While I lean towards you as you drive

Your hand on my thigh

Feeling the heat of my moisture inside,

Take me on a long drive, to the countryside

To be free in our storm,

It is here where I want you to take me…

Gripping your dreads as you kiss my neck down to the center of my nature,

Bare amongst the witness in the essence of Mother Nature,

Dancing to the rhythm of your beat

Exhaling as the rain pours down on me…

Breathing in the fresh misty air

I’ll be your rain candy

In a lavender flare,

Hot from the forecast

Brewing to last,

Tasting my candy

In the purest of ecstasy

Where love should be free…

Washing away the pain of the past

To shine into our rainbow

By witness of the universe… By Shana A. ©️


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