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I’ve surpassed that shadows of my lover’s darkness

Refusing to invest in what’s not appreciative…

Instead of buying tacky Louboutins…I’m building…

No more wasting money on rent,

From the ground up, starting from scratch…transcending…

Saving every dollar to fully own my parlors

Not making the banks richer slaving for

their interests,

Only budget spending,

Investments or cultural experiences…

I’ve removed the leeches…pocket pinching,

No longer caught in debt for approval or wasting money on cars with no deposits saving…

Breaking generational curses

Call it wisdom,

I’ll play broke while I’m investing building my Queendom…

There is this couple that I know that brought land in a neighborhood that nobody wanted to invest in for a bargain. It took them five years to build they dream home from scratch. Now this neighborhood has been completely renovated. People called them broke because instead them living a flashy life they stayed with their parents as a family while building their home… Now their house/land is worth 3 times what they paid and is extremely beautiful… So make sure you know people stories before you talk about them because you never know what they are doing… One thing I learned working with rich people is they don’t spend like you think. Broke people usually spend more… Research and invest! You’ll be surprised at how much interest you’ll save buying your own land and building from scratch versus paying a mortgage or rent…Don’t allow your blessings to be blocked or halted when your with the wrong person either… Play broke until you have everything you want…Make sure whoever you’re building with is worth it… Thank God he saved me!!! Queendom in the making… Motivation!💜🙏🏾💋🏳️‍🌈 #Queendom #Motivation #Shanaa Canva :Pinterest Google


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