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Puppet Master

Puppet Master

Mentally enslaved…mind games, played

Controlled by hands of hate,

Human instrument set on display…

All I see is a devil shadowed behind rosy cheeks

I sit in crimson laughter,

Hoping you get freed from the Puppet Masters…

Leaders of the dark world

Manipulated by scrambling negative words, pointless…no love or knowledge,

Uninterested before the finale…

Your words are stooged, not under your control

Stuck by rules of the same flow…

Every piece the same blend

Shake & bake…imitation…

Cut the threads…become free spirited…

Trendsetters not puppet-masters

Switching traditions within every transition…mastered

No dude…no lame controlling our pen

We shockwave demons

The dark ages have ended…

Light taking over…in new dimensions

Writing “raw”…read into new centuries…

New school…not a puppet of rules

For the new generation, to allude…

Soaking in your bitterness this lesbian pen still inking

I can’t be controlled, destined for winning…

Don’t catch fire choking on my pen smoke

Free yourself from the ventriloquist joke,

Animated…playing with demons,

Treating you like a female dog, a hopeless thespian

Soon you’ll be begging to be rescued by lesbians…

Cut the strings

Before light turn to lightning

“Roc-a-bye baby”

Bridges burned to ashes…

Cords burnt, will you be lost???

No more puppet master,

Defeated by your own words of disaster

I’ve freed you, but did you learn the lesson of becoming your own master…

By Shana A. ©️

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