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Protect Your Mental Health

Sundays Message:

Please please please protect your mental health. I had to learn this, so I’m sharing it…

Stop putting your energy and power towards things or people that aren’t thinking of you.

The reason people love my poetry/writings is because I spent my time and pen writing about me. Being innovative not traditional… Which made it more than writing words.

My legacy, success and future is built on me. My life, my thoughts & desires. That’s how people feel your work more than just writing words. By being realistic. Make your words last longer than the post date by touching people’s heart & soul… If you’re spending your time and dime writing about other people, they’ve won. You made them immortal because now not only do their story and words live on. It lives on in your writings too. Think smart!!!

I am removing people who support bullies and hate. Also, stop sacrificing your soul to fit in with people. A true leader stand alone and create their own following moving at God’s speed. Just because your in pain don’t mean you have to hurt other people.

Be loyal to your beliefs & dignity. Stop letting people pull you into their nonsense for other people’s approval and to get likes and comments. Be a leader, telling your own stories and that’s how you gain love and respect! That’s how you’ll attract people that can make things happen for you beyond instagram…

Now it’s time for me to start celebrating my birthday. I have a month long vacation, but I felt the need to give this message. Love y’all!!! 💜🫶🏾💋


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