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After partying all night in Vegas your lashes will look crazy too. I give no fucks because my beauty is deeper than a moment… Having her love my imperfections is the only love I want. I don’t want nobody superficial. Those be the ones going through different women or stuck with someone who can’t make them happy… I’m not risking my life going under surgery or taking narcotics to be accepted by society’s illusion of beauty… My uniqueness, my heart my soul is nature’s beauty… I’m not masking it for nobody!!! That’s my perfection… 💜🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈 #perfection


In your world,

Perfection is flawless

Without scars of experience,

A Maybelline covered face,

Plastic surgery of a perfect body

Last dollar spent on perfect hair,

Teeth that look too perfect

All to gain perception’s approval,

Masking the insecurities

The egoistical delusions…

Underneath the cover and designer labels

Portraying an image that you’re perfection…

I whether wear my scars,

I whether have millions with crooked teeth in the Power I was birth

Like Michelle Obama…

Perfection for me,

Is having her love me with every flaw,

Understanding each of my scars…

To dance in my crooked smile,

Knowing underneath it all

Lies a beautiful heart

Submerged in nature’s art…

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