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Open Your Door

Open Your Door

I stood amongst the clouds at the bottom of your stairs

Waiting…wanting nothing but to love you…

Against the odds of judgment

My strength built in passion of love for you

Pride, feared the responses,

Your door locked to outsiders

Trust being the number one factor,

When will you see that all my madness was aching to only love you, passionate…

I’ve traveled the world in thoughts of you

Scared to take those steps to knocks unanswered, still I loved without answers

Bad timing the excuse we’ve sanctioned,

My soul won’t let me do anything to hurt you

To hurt you would be hurting me too,

All I need is trust from you…

I’ve awaited to gain the key to your heaven

Only for mutual love & satisfaction,

Do I keep hiding you between the lines

Will you open your door to letting me love you this time,

Trust that I’ll always love the core of your being

No matter what’s in store for me

This love was created natural above the birds and trees,

Will you trust me farther than the eyes can see…

Our souls flying our own galaxy

Free from opinions

Just loving our uniqueness, above any dark clouds,

The only thing God expect of us, love…

I’ll walk your steps if the door is open

Open to the possibilities of no expectations, just loving each other beyond any situation…

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