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No Problem

I’ve shown a kind side to me for too long. Now you get to meet the other half of me…

Every single thing I post is published by me with a time stamp and sent to several parties before it’s posted here… Every single word is written by me unless I say it’s a collab.

I love to take trips and shopping sprees, so play with me. I have two pending lawsuits right now. If you want to be stupid enough and make me free money continue to steal. We will catch up to you… I love free money!!!

Also one of the biggest lawsuits that is making people rich is defamation of character. I’m no longer being nice if you on bs. I don’t care if you don’t own a thing. I will get paid some way or the other. Watch what you’re out here saying, the dm’s ain’t as safe as you think…

I’m not trusting none of these pages that never show themselves, never gone live. You don’t know who’s behind these pages. Anyone can steal people pictures and my lawyer just proved this to me. With this being said allow me to reintroduce myself… Shana A. I’m a Poetess, Author and Songwriter and no I won’t stop. I only take breaks, so quit banking on it…

Happy Monday!!! Have a great rest of the week…💜😄


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