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My Star

My Star

Her shine from the Southside,

A leader in gay pride…

Dreads hanging long like the branches in the sky

She was laced in red in black…

Solid as a Cadillac…

Dollars falling from the sky

I’ll be bad so we can fly…

My star shining bright,

Boss of the night…

Only one that can get me naked under candlelight,

Protected by 5 points and a moon,

Swag high as balloons…

Made me leave my cocoon…

Can’t help but to love her

Even undercover,

Feeling like I’m in high school trying to be her lover

My Star,

Charming panties off with a smile

Dressed in her own style

Sweet on inside

Rough on the outside

I’m falling deep

Tongue game so strong can put this lioness to sleep…

She’s dipped in loyalty

Savage to a thief,

My star made for me

A aligned in chemistry

Made a wrong turn…soon she’ll be next to me,

My Star,

A King and a Queen

A mother in between

A destiny to be dripped in the finer things…


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