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My Motivation

It is never cool to accept hatred or manipulation as a positive… We have to stop using that excuse to push people into doing things… We are making it okay for people to hate by accepting it! Some people commit suicide or other horrific acts from what could make someone else great. Regardless it’s never cool to be hateful or hurtful to people, especially when you don’t know them… Love is far more powerful!!!

Honestly, what works for me don’t work for what has worked on other people. I’m far more motivated and uplifted with love than I’ll ever be with hate. Hate drains my energy, but giving me love get things done… Message: what worked for you may not work on rare souls… Act with love for some people…especially if you really are rooting for them… LEARN PEOPLE!!! I’m going in my bubble… I hate manipulation that’s not a place for me!!!✌🏾💜


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