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My Frequency, You

My Frequency, You…

I reflect the day my heart charged to your flame, my soul became vibrant in the gist we ignited…I found a part of me…The definition of real love…a love that words can’t describe…A frequency, a vibe…

It was on a late sultry summer day,

The sky hybrid of purple & blue hues, empyreal radiance…

The universe dialed a connection leading my soul in your direction,

The moment I saw you, I basked in an afterglow that still beams of your fuse

Alluring me to be better to look deeper at myself in the mirror

The more I loved you…I loved me

We are from the same frequency…

Your frequency radiated a passion for me to love deeper than the physical, stronger than the mental and to control the emotional,

I’ve become a part of you…

Asunder still frolicking on the same magnetic waves that flows through you…

I revel in optimism that the universe will

lead me back to you,

Your vibe streamed my vibe just from a glimpse of your smile

Eccentric love was created,

Becoming the warmth to my sensuality

I can only feel complete wallowing in your sync

Your frequency is me…tied in loops of fantasy

You’ve enriched my artistic capability

Musing on this frequency

You woke my inner tiger in the print that I graced for your planned attire

We were aligned to ignite a spark that won’t die

My frequency, you…why hide it…

The thought of loving you is my joy

I only hope we are blessed to align for more…


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