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My Elixir

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

My Elixir

See, they say real love is not meant to be understood…

What I do understand is you’re the needed elixir to my heart,

It wasn’t side effects of butterflies swarming my body when I was around you, it was a surge of our energy…sensual passion transforming into ecstasy…combining us into one, for the right moment of oneness…

A mystifying feeling intertwining us into a sensuous cocoon of silkiness…your jones flowing through me making love to my psyche, irresistible atoms merging our souls…the power within me restored,

An addiction aroused,

I don’t want to go on without you now,

I desire to satisfy you…hearing the waves embed us under pastel clouded skies, inhaling all of you…you’re the shadow to my existence…immersed in divine intervention, we are the epitome of true love, twin flame power from above,

You’re a fragment of me…why we fell in love…

Charged to each other’s souls, a synergy that makes us whole… by Shana A.

I don’t own the rights to the music play

Beat is by Misha and Evil Needle

actor is Janelle Monae

videos and images from Google Pinterest Gif and canva


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