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Motion of Emotions

Motion of Emotions

I loved you with and without expectations…

In seek of only your love & approval,

Every wave crashed against my raft you questioned…

Still in high waters,

I was your passion brewing purple flames…

Nights of ecstasy you didn’t take

With a swallow of pride our love could have been great,

An inferno formed of love and mistakes,

Simplicity could have lifted the load off my heart,

Yet you let our love die hard…

I loved you boldly, in a world that don’t accept our love

Fantasizing the warmth of your breath against mines

Your touch melting my heart

Down to my thighs

Heating my essence

While watching the sunrise

I turned, and you’re still not next to me,

Hoping one day you’ll feel me

Tasting the meal I’ve been saving for you to feast of me.

Everyday my heart spoke

Words of a truth unfolding,

Not allowing fear to silence me…

Until that day,

I felt that you didn’t love me,

You can’t heal my heart’s void from loving you…

I healed myself in my own truth

It was time I make a choice,

I chose me…

Allowing my heart to burn

Letting the love die in ashes,

Reality hit me with boulders

Awakened out of daydreams

Showing me how love should be,

Soaked in true feelings

Accepting the challenge…embracing the fears,

I waited and waited

Our love scorched,

The tide came in

Unblinding me

Showing me love that was right in front of me…

Real love begins to eternity,

She has the love you couldn’t give me…

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