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Mother of Goddesses

Mother of Goddesses

She…the slayer, the seductress of love, the mother of all Goddesses… Aggressive only when need be. Feminine when she should be…courageous to love boldly… She embraced sexuality with confidence. Secure in her feminine body, her beauty concealed the destroyer inside her. Anat was a paradoxical deity, she walked with her head tilted to the clouds, high as her cheekbones with a Nubian nose to compliment her wine colored full lips. She was praised by the Gods, the goddess of fertility with the heart of a warrior strapped with her bow and arrow. She walked slowly to destroyers, made love sensually…titillated and devoured with a few licks of her lingua… Locking hearts away, they couldn’t defeat the love she gave. The glow of her spells was the calm of the lion that walked beside her, her inner vibration smothered in Tyrian purple. Regal in elegance but aggressive enough to dare not to challenge her. One swing of her staff spin enemies to their knees begging for mercy. She summons the one that she loves; to private vulnerability exposing pleasantly plumped fruits of her nature to only be tasted at the hour of her discretion. Undefeated by laws of censorship. She is art, art of expression, sexiness with authority of an army that can’t war against her. She’s a Queen, on her throne laughing at jokers that clown for attention… In her deck of cards they’re the weakest… She broke barriers supporting her sisters, nurturing other goddesses… Trusting the work of her gifts she didn’t have to buy followers, or throw coins for people to like her…No competition, ranking higher than any other Goddesses. Anat was the Melanin Egyptian, the real Nubian description…The mother of all Gods, she’s the idol of my eyes… Centuries later women can still grace of her essence, to be a leader not a follower, loving all your imperfections…


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