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Moon Presence

From afar, you’ve been her moon amongst her fire. You’ve seen her transitions, yet still don’t know her story.

Although, she loved you in your darkness, She was able to see the light inside you. She was able to look past the filters you displayed to others.

Her arms have always been opened, waiting for you to rest your head in her bosom.

The illusion that she was the one living in fear is nonsense. Remember she was the one coming to you, she was the one boldly saying she loves you. She is the one wanting the best for you. She even let you go, so you could discover what should matter the most to you, self-happiness…

Truth is, She’s been here waiting. Waiting for you to mature, for you to walk besides her in her fire, for you to see that love, true love, is blind. Yes! True love is messy. You fall in love unexpectedly without a list or approvals from others…

You tried to control love playing it safe. Big mistake! See, you can’t run from real love…you will only sink in darkness trying to escape love. You will stay at a standstill in denial. Which leaves you living in disception & staying only a figment of her imagination. The one that fears love is you…

In the presence of the moon…she dances in the pageantry of love, and breathes fire between her wings in darkness… Don’t you see she is a love made for you!

She has been waiting for you to take the risks to love her freely. Learning the core of her existence and the journey she holds in privacy.

She’s been waiting for you to call upon love. The love that sits in your heart, the love your mind can’t stop thinking of, the love that raises your temperature, the love that keep you at attention… The love that caresses your soul more than fake photos of love. Together y’all wake up breathing in separation, but the love burns even in ashes…Are you willing to risks losing that fire???

When will you dance in these flames that won’t go away. When will you stop living a lie of an illusion of happiness when your heart beats with hers.

She’s not the one living in fear. Love is messy and you can’t help who you’ve fallen for…so live and stop fearing love… Be her moon in your presence… By Shana A. ©️💜🙏🏾💋


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