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To awaken,

Knowing I’m the only woman stimulating your mind…enkindles my soul…

Love me selfishly,

That’s the turn on that I seek,

To be the only woman that feed your desires

Through the brightest of light

Into the pit of darkness,

I’ll be your paragon of happiness…

My temple being enough to hold your heart captive,

Warming your lips to the depth of your soul

Monogamy is the only key through my door,

There lies the marrow of love…

Freed into the nude of intimacy

Our thoughts flowing freely, no secrecy…

Revealing under the veil into unity

As we rise in our embers of congruity

To showcase lesbians of monogamy…

I’ll walk besides you

Ready to catch each other if we fall backwards…

Only my lips bathing your body

Under mauve candles

With no recollection of past encounters,

My crave is to only taste YOU

Peripheral vision locked tied to YOU

No sharing what now belongs to YOU…

MONOGAMY is the love I have for YOU… By Shana A. ©️

When you’ve found your true other half, nobody else you’ve loved will compare. Your exes or no other woman will hold a place in your thoughts or heart as you’re focused only on her and it never gets old… I believe in that and I was raised by that, to each it’s own but I’m team monogamy!!! If your focused on someone else it’s because your not truly satisfied and you’re settling. I’ve been there and it only gets worse. Wait until you find that one that blows you mind & soul away from everyone else… There’s beauty in monogamy…I’ve always been monogamous and always will be because I’m enough to be… #Monogamy #Enough #Taken 💜👑🥂🌹🏳️‍🌈🥰 Time to enjoy the family, Happy Easter… 😀


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