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Mental Illness

Sorry not sorry…

There is nothing worse than a fake friend, or using that word “sis or bff” when your intentions are bogus…

This season of healing in my life has removed the blindfolds, so I can see who my real friends/ supporters are… Which why I turned off comments… I’ve mentally dismissed them, but keeping them close… The truth always come to light no matter how you try to hide it…

PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF THESE SO CALLED MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATES… So many are suffering within themselves. How can they possibly help you when money is their primary goal or using other people’s misfortunes for promotion…

They also may not have the proper training, skills or degree to even give you advice. Beware of the money scheme… You can’t be a mental health advocate if it’s not your calling and you’re mocking someone else’s life or story. Just pay attention it’s so obvious… #mentalillness #protectyourmentalhealth


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