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Meeting You

Meeting You

It was the shine of your aura

Your star within...

No wish was needed

You became the light of my universe

Changing dark days bright again,

You ravaged my thoughts

I became your twin...

I’m ready to show you, will you let me in?

Meeting you was poetic

An ongoing fire to my pen

I feel your warmth when you read my poems

I had to debate, this is’s irreplaceable...I’ll never fully give you up,

Since meeting you everything has changed

My wants and needs no longer the same,

It was the way you walked

You held your head high, my ambitious boss,

Our matching smiles was the bow of Cupid’s arrow

You felt my soul, that’s when I knew this was love,

I knew things about you that was never disclosed, it was the feel of your energy deep in my soul,

Every night I see stars, just a close of the eyes, I remember the outfits I wore when you saw me,

I can hear the ocean’s tide

A vision of kissing you under the moonlight

Your the kryptonite to my heart

Shattering the glass I built up,

I runway, you have the power to break me

The power to empower me

You’re the only one I ever loved this deeply

Scariest feeling...

I knew you love poetry without you even telling me

I feel your heart’s desires

I became the poetess to fill the emptiness you hide,

We know this is love

Yet we both fear the ride

Emotionally high, taming your wild beast inside,

Meeting you was a blessing

Do you feel it in your soul

These are not just words...It’s LOVE...

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