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Medical Gang

I’m thankful to say I’m disease and cancer free but not many can say that. I lost my grandmother many years ago due to cancer so I have personally witnessed what this monstrous disease can do. What I find fascinating is that the medical industry (Chemists) can create all these diseases like Covid but refuse to release the cures for treason… We have all these scientific technologies yet still so many are dying from cancer and Covid and so many other diseases that can easily be saved if they wasn’t making billions from people dying from these diseases… Be grateful as I am to be 100% healthy… I’m thankful for Doctors but the system is fucked up and I’m just being honest… At the end of the day it all about money for them… Health insurance should be free!!! 💜🙏🏾💋#Blessed #MedicalGang

Medical Gang

Without any warning

You invaded the sensation of every cell

Swarming the body

In a slow but steady rush,

Slithering through veins

Changing the beauty of creation

Penetrating deep in tissues

Tickling the breasts

To a growth that swells

Against the will

With no permission to kill…

Radiating poisons

Still no potion

To cure the excruciating pain

As the disease dominates the frame

For more money and fame…

Controlling the population

With their poisonous fangs,

Continue to bless my body

From the medical gang…

By Shana A. ©️ 2022

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