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Masked Lover

Masked Lover

For a long time Empress Jaeda loved only one woman… She kept her heart hidden in her palace locked away from the world of falling in love, no one else could hold her interest but the masked lover… This woman was all she could think of, she closed her eyes and she was all she could see, hoping faith would lead them to be, this woman was her joy through the rough days…battling, she couldn’t imagine herself loving another…She turned everyone away…She thought her heart was cursed to not be loved by the one she loved…Later, Empress Jaeda saw the many masks of her hidden lover, she used these masks to try to let Jaeda know that she loves her but she couldn’t be with her, she knew Jaeda wouldn’t share her, yet she was so intoxicated by the love Empress Jaeda had for her that she couldn’t let her go… Everyday a different mask of love was given in a different way, her masked lover would even block the doors to new entries, she selfishly wanted no one else to love her or for her to love another… For a long time these masks became her daily fixation she looked forward to, it was their only connection… Until one day, Empress Jaeda became exhausted of masking love, she couldn’t breathe in it anymore, she wanted to be held close…she needed physical love, she wanted her lover seated next to her on her throne to nourish and grow with, so she decided she couldn’t take anymore, she needed fresh air in discovering new love, She took her heart out into the war zone, the hardest decision she’s made amongst running her kingdom…battling her heart…she said goodbye to her masked lover, now the one whose missing her…Empress Jaeda’s heart finally realized what she deserved and couldn’t allow the masked lover to hold her hostage anymore, she became free…available to a new love that can love her the way love should be… An unmasked lover, imperfect but a real love that’s free…Now her mind is the battle of what’s truly meant to be… Her new challenge in love’s game of thrones…


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