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Malicious Band Wagon

Allow me to reintroduce myself!!!

I’m Shana A. I’m 40 something young 😂  I’m a Poetess & Author and Travel Vlogger. I live in Chicago. I’m a femme that is attracted to studs. I love animals; especially cats, the moon and the sun.  My aura is purple. I have an erotic intelligent mindset! I’m also a very loving person. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I don’t take no nonsense.

I will watch for a very long time before I return any bad energy to dismiss you… I’m darkness & light…I’m human!

I’m celibate until I connect with my soulmate. I’m an empath I can feel your energy before you speak!!! I’m choosing to be single while living in my own happiness…

I’m a very strategic person!  Everything I do is for a reason. Whether it’s to find out your truth or send you off to see your true colors. I play chess not checkers…

I always wondered why people listen to strangers that have no idea of who the person they’re speaking of…

Everybody that does what you do is not your competition!!! I come on here and get off. What I show you is who I am… I don’t act nice and then be a bitch behind closed doors…

You can get to know me more on my vacations vlogs where I do talk more and show you how I am outside of the poetry… Chicago Cousins Traveling on YouTube!

I love watching travel vlogs and seeing people happy and enjoying life. I hate drama I’m actually a very peaceful person…

I’m not the type to support people then secretly hate on them behind their backs…Not my style! I dismiss that energy!!!

I don’t convince people to not like someone or their hardwork… I don’t compare myself to any other writer!!! I actually enjoy not being perfect…

I don’t steal other people’s ideas!

So no! I can’t join a band wagon of judgmental hateful people…I rock alone for the most part, but I have a great support system!!!

I turned comments off for a specify reasons, but my inbox is always open.

I’m proud to say, jealousy & hatred doesn’t flow through these bones…

Thank you to those who saw past the lies, and personally have gotten to know me, and those who support me without looking at me as a threat… I got so much coming… 💋🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾


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