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Updated: Mar 12

I’m wrapping my hands around the emptiness of so called loyalty…

Maybe you did support me secretly,

Maybe you did love me silently

Maybe you did want the best for me

Yet my hands aren’t gripping loyalty,

With loyalty there are no maybes…

I moved past where loyalty didn’t exist…

Through the invasion of privacy to conversations without my presence…

For loyalty wouldn’t have spoken to others that don’t know me in words against me,

Loyalty wouldn’t have stole my ideas in publishing,

Loyalty wouldn’t have made my love a mockery,

Loyalty wouldn’t have been in hidden competition with me,

Loyalty wouldn’t have been silent when I needed your devotion,

Loyalty wouldn’t have allowed lies to be spread with laughter…

Loyalty would have been honored to receive my love…

Loyalty would have had my back in this cold world…

My hands can’t grip your loyalty because loyalty was never there…

By Shana A. ©️


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