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Loving the Enemy

You can be in a relationship with a complete stranger. Which is why rushing in love can turn into a nightmare. Understand why I didn’t rush! People can put on a mask to hide their darkness. When you’re an empath, unfortunately you bare the pain of being the healer. Even without appreciation. Passions of Love left out hidden darkness because it wasn’t my place to tell it.

It’s important to know other people’s problems aren’t yours. One of my biggest problems is I take on my partner’s problems. The absolute worse thing is when that person is completely blind to the pain they cause and play victim to make themselves look good. It’s so much I could unfold, but out of respect I could never tell a person’s dark secrets.

Sometimes people have to talk down about others to hide their truths or they fear you will tell it. After you help heal them and they change for the better. They become completely oblivious of the pain they caused.

No I’m not perfect, but one thing I always had my women back and never turned or talk down to anyone about them. I realize how I ended up being depressed, it was for loving somebody that wasn’t for me. Love should feel good to you. Even though I smiled through the darkness. I had to be strong because I knew what was to come.

We have to accept when love take away your peace and happiness it’s not worth it anymore… I survived 8 years of her prison that I willing stayed in. The last 5 years I build myself back to the woman I was before meeting her. I am thankful to be me and free again.

My Mother is my best friend. She had my back every step of the way. She reads everything! I won’t respond to lies because that person just never wanted me to be happy.

Now everything is falling back into place before I fell in love with a secret enemy… Here’s my truth which I was never going to share, but since people like to talk, here it is. A good friend said, “if you don’t tell your side of the story, somebody else will make up your story for you” Speak your truth, release your pain and move on… Everybody that knows me know this is %100 truth… I hope this help somebody… 💜💋

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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