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Love Spills

Love Spills

The second the ink drops

The whispers begin to flock,

In the purple mist of silence

You crave my spill

My circle of fire being your thrill,

In high waters, our love spills…

A burning freeze

Of emotions that run deèp…

You didn’t rescue us to be freed

We’re caught…still,

Swimming between lines of spilled ink…

When my feelings ink

The spill leads to judgement

I’m trying to write without discernment

Without my love being questioned,

I want to love you beyond measures

Caress your body with all my essence

Run to the throne

I thought wasn’t for me,

For your love is what I seek…

Not the games you plead in creeds…

Mental trivia creating frustration,

I picture you

The energy escapes

I’ve captured and spit out your bait

The savage in me can’t be faked…

You’re allowing this love to getaway

Decide what’s real and what can be fate,

The clarification of my feelings

Not spilled on platforms

Face to face, ear to ear is where I conform

Spills for the thrills…

Watching me to be defensive

The reason this love is traveling in offensive,

The ball is in your court

As the ink spills

When will you score through the fire and see that this love is real…


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