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Love Is

Love is

As a black woman, I’ve learned the differences of love. Love is beyond ethnicity. Love is seeing what’s hidden from the world. Love is; two souls that refuse to let go, two souls that look beyond expectations, two souls that see the truth beyond shattered masks… Two souls that care for each other’s heart as if it was their own. Love is being happy loving that person for who they are. Love won’t let you think the worse of me. My heart, voice and soul is loud enough to speak my truth. Love don’t punish or torment into getting what you want from that person. Love is searching for understanding to love in clarity. Love is taking my hand, looking into my eyes, making me hear & feel the truth of your heart & mind…

I’ll take the upside downs of love, but only when effort has led the passions beyond doubts & egos… Love is needing more than physical attraction and sex. It’s a bond of completion. Making each other feel whole like nothing is missing. Love is wrapped up in a blanket of honesty. It’s important to know the difference from healthy & unhealthy love… The throes of love can be a riveting addiction of wanting what don’t belong…ending in a conclusion that sometimes it’s just as simple as…It wasn’t for me…

I hope your heart let you see your wrongs of love. Every misconception of me is the very reason we couldn’t love further than words. It was never fear! You couldn’t face what you looked down upon. You can’t think the worse of someone you love than expect a healthy connection. Although love comes from the heart, the mind is in control of how you reciprocate. Love is being vulnerable with each other, eye to eye trusting that whatever is mentioned will be cared for in the deepness of love & integrity… Love is not difficult! People make it difficult with fear, racism, assumptions, jealousy and not trusting enough to reveal the heart… Love shouldn’t hurt unless we’re separated. If we’re in control of that separation love would bring us together. I whether have healthy love, or no love… If two souls can’t come together, the love didn’t serve a purpose to bring that bond to surface… Love is that powerful… By Shana A. ©️

Have a great day… 💜🏳️‍🌈🥰💋#loveis


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