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Love I Want

Love I Want

I loved just to love and I got burned to the core,

Now the love I give has to be returned…

The love I want preludes a scent of nature’s beauty…

You can’t change the scenery

You simply add to the natural beauty…

I want a love

Gentle to me on summer days cooling my sultry passion into succulent late nights…

The love I want will admire my transformation, a butterfly of the same essence of a rose blooming potential…

If I turn down the wrong snowy path, her hand will guide me straight into Spring’s new embrace…

The love I want will speak to my heart,

Calming Fall storms with actions in between every petal that falls

Revitalizing me to bloom again once the storm clears…

I need a love that will let me feel safe in being me,

Listening to every string I play for you to coordinate…

The love I want is pure,

Not of anyone’s approval

We just fall like the leaves, higher than the trees…

The love I want can trust in me

Revealing the worries of the mind,

Into a heart that speaks

So we can always carry the true faith of a love that’s truly meant to be…

💜💋🏳️‍🌈 #manifested #loveIwant

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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