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Lose to Receive

I recently had to check someone that was downing other people to make themselves look good. I knew in my soul this person was no good in my life. I learned to keep them out my business and love from a distance. However, this person looked down on everybody including their family. They found something wrong with everybody but couldn’t see that having a pair of Gucci/Louboutins or designers purses with no money in the bank was an issue. They couldn’t see that having cosmetic surgery before owning a house was disappointing. Yet, they found everything wrong with other people who were living humble, who had bigger plans then being accepted in a society.

Years ago I always put my women first. Which cost me a lot. I wasn’t as close to my mother. Thanks to my mom I lived a fortunate humble life. When my mom got sick it was a wake call that my mom may not be here long. I had been on my own since I was 20. My mother raised me to be very independent she will never provide for me other than love. Unless I was in dire need which thank God I’m not! She would still want her money back, if you know my mom you know🤣 I’m thankful. Making the choice to end my toxic relationships allowed me to reconnect with my mom. I made a promise to God I will always be close to her. Which is why we travel. Long story short, everything I do is for a purpose. Which is why God blesses me with a lot and the ability to start my own business…

I’m single, I’m good being with my mom because who knows how long she’ll be here. Other people won’t do that for their mom, other people won’t make sacrifices because having a fake image is more important. My future plans and goals are more important than feeling accepted to fit in with friends. Yes, I work damn hard so I’m going to travel and see the world with or without my mother. Yet, one thing I’ll never do is look down on other people. I’ve struggled a lot in my relationships because I was the sole provider. I kept going, got my degree and got a great job. Now working on other things! Moral: Never give up and always question people who have to down play other people to make themselves look good… If you’re struggling it won’t be for long… 💜

Shana A. ©️


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