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Living Poetry

Living Poetry

It is in my sultry walk, the way that my smile shine hearts,

It is the storm that I thunder,

My life, is daily poetry…

Even without words, I’m living poetry,

The songs I sing, the love scorned to pain, the clothes that hug my skin, the love language I speak to my twin, the libration I’m transcending…

The air I breathe above the ocean

The tread I swim below surface…

Even without words or a muse to feed my soul,

Poetry is a part of me because I’m living poetry…

It is in the way I love her in distance between the sand and the wind

The street lights that lead to our road that never ends…

Without composing words, I am living poetry…

Horseback riding along shore

Surfing the waves of emotions

Glazing in the horizon,

Poetry is everywhere in everything that I do, because I am living poetry… By Shana A. ©️

I’m living poetry partly because of you… 💜🏳️‍🌈🙌🏾😆☀️🌺 #livingPoetry #HappyPride

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