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Laws of Alignment

This is one of the main reasons I don’t fight for someone to love me and I just be me!

When something is yours, it’s yours. Everything is an alignment. You don’t have to stalk another woman’s page or due childish tricks to win anybody’s love…

Even if you sleep with that person. If they’re not for you they will never fully be satisfied… The laws of alignment is what’s for you is what’s for you. Absolutely nothing can come in between that…

I won’t be happy with someone who’s wondering if they should be with someone else or can’t commit… I couldn’t settle for a love that can’t show the world our love in some form after we’ve agreed to be one. Be private, but there’s a fine line between being private and hiding who you love…

The love I want knows she want me. Knows she doesn’t want to live another day without me. I’m embedded in her mind and soul. She won’t allow another woman a chance to have me. No other woman would have her attention! That’s called fulfillment. If you’re not fulfilled you will always go seeking love and attention from somewhere else…

I want love within the laws of alignment… Which is why I’m picky and patient!!!

It’s Monday for all my career women with jobs and businesses let’s make this money… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈 #lawsofalignment

The precision of the laws of alignment is that anything that’s for you can’t be taken…

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