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Just Being Me

My career requires me to work ten hours shifts. I wish I could write all day and make music… However, every free minute I get, I’m writing…

This is my happy space. I write any and everywhere!!! My solitude has been a great experience and I found peace and happiness which nobody else will ever interrupt again…

One reason my boundaries are high. I don’t have time to respond to lies, hate or childish behavior… I’m not here to kill myself for social media approval or go broke doing it…

I’m happy writing, working and traveling. Finally, doing what Shana A. want to do… I’m not out here to impress anyone. I’m out here doing what best for my life and my peace of mind… I will only be surrounded by love and support everything else has to GO!!! 💜

I don’t own the rights to the music played by Beyoncé…


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