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It’s Your Vibe

It’s Your Vibe

I’m inhaling in the serene ambiance in the wall of my Arabian night

Under the five point celestial body reflecting the glare of the half moonlight,

Our vibe represent each point of the star…

A vibe I hold on to, taking burns of pulsation in loyalty, I’m devoted to you…

You’re cascading through my mind

Spreading flames down my spine

The desert of abandonment didn’t dry the well of love I’ve manifested

Our love run deep as Qays and Layla

Deeper than the Nile river,

Your vibe is potent as the Majnun Layla…

An intense love

It’s your vibe sending an array of energy I can’t drain…This love won’t fade…

I already know all is well

I can feel you…It’s your vibes running through each and every cell…

We are the poetry flowing through each other’s veins, I just need to feel you close to me, holding me, making love to me,

To vibe to the highest frequency

You’re the wavelength channeled to my spirit’s vitality…

I’m fantasizing,

The reality that should be…

Our vibes mixed to our own periodic table…You plus Me…SK2O

I’m more committed than any foes

It’s the vibe of loving a moe

Determined to have your truth unfold…

Got me chanting islamic proverbs

It’s a vibe of loving you

A conflagration that’ll forever burn,

The red you bleed turned purple by the love from me

It’s your vibe,

A chemistry…the main substance I’ve studied…

I’m the missing element to feed your needs,

It’s your vibe that can set us both free,

My smiles come from the thoughts of thee

It’s your vibe that allows entry to the walls of my Arabic scenery… By Shana A. ©️


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