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I Wanted

I Wanted

I wanted to be felt deep in your skin,

I wanted to argue and make up again, like Justice and Lucky did…

Your love is the only love for me, I wanted you to heal my heart completely…

I wanted you to let down your guard

I know you’re a stud but you don’t have to always be hard…show me your soft side…

Maybe, the only person I wanted in this world is you

Am I wrong for only wanting to be with you…

I wanted to bathe in your truth

I wanted to fulfill your desires

Desires that aren’t told but felt deep in my soul…

Honestly, I wanted your truth no matter how hard it would hurt my ears

I didn’t want hints…I wanted realness

Compassion…love…being near you,

Clarity, I wanted to be on the same page as you…

I’ve admitted my mistakes

In return I was left with…nothing to say

What more can I embrace,

I’ve told a thousands truths

Climbed my way out of petty untruths,

I’m human, confessing my feelings

Love isn’t perfect I brought your wrongs to surface

Yet it erased…hundreds of praises

I wanted you to feel me…

To get near me, the control was always in your hands and voice

Egos paralyzed the actions to be spoke,

I wanted you to appreciate my transparency

To live tranquil in our truths

Possibly, I wanted what you couldn’t give me…

Maybe I wanted too much too soon…going crazy fighting this feeling of wanting you,

I wanted to swallow my pride in the reflection of your eyes

Not to walk in a pit of embarrassment

Lost in the darkness of awkward circumstances…

I wanted to shine on you, like you shined on me

I wanted to explore that taste of your essence soaking between my teeth…

Lingering on my tongue, food for thought…I wanted my boobs…sucked…erupting in your mouth…

Your tongue gliding down my back,

Expectations is life anticipations

I only wanted what I know you can give me…LOVE…what I give in return…


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