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I love You

Updated: Mar 25

My love for her birth every word and passion I’ve exuded…

If you want to improve your writing you simply keep writing… If anyone has followed my journey you know my passion and desire for my muse. The pain I’ve been through that created so much greatness…

I had writer’s block when I first started this page and I fought it by writing and reading. I wrote EVERYDAY!!! Each day I got better and better at going back to my old creative writing skills. While learning better ways to write… There were mean arrogant people judging me or trying to find anyway to discredit me because they couldn’t understand the power of love that created my skills… Still to this day they try and it’s sad because EVERYBODY know my story and truth… This is why I refuse to talk to most people now. I hate negative thinking! Head out is real out here…

I don’t use spell check or editors for my poetry. I don’t even use an editor for my  books. I do ALL my own work, because I want it to be raw. If mistakes are made that’s how I learned. You can see my progression from book 1 to now my third book and even better in my fourth book.

As a writer you will make typos or even run on sentences, that’s human. That’s how you get better as you progress… What I love to do is take a list of words I probably wouldn’t use and weave into my poetry. I hope that helps anyone looking to improve or feel their writing isn’t good enough just simply keep writing and reading… You have to do the work and learn from your mistakes…  Nobody can discredit your gift. You can feel what’s real and my story stayed consistent…

Check out my new book Watering Flames available now…

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