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I Had To

I will be interviewing my mother about me and her while we are on the Tom

Joyner cruise… This is why I work so hard so we can play harder… I'm well protected!!!

Thank you God!!! He doesn’t play about me…All the truth is coming to light…

Follow me on Chicago Cousins Traveling on YouTube I have some great trips coming;



Tom Joyner Cruise & book promos with family and friends



Montego Bay, Jamaica

And whole lot more to come. If you see me, come say hi… 💜💋🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈 #IHadTo

I Had To

I had to see,

What I loved wasn’t made for me,

Enduring the heartbreak to break away from long awaited mistakes

My enemies were staring me right in my face…

I gave up on love, traveled the world

Buried myself in work to rise above,

It had to happen so I could recognize real love…

I had to love my enemies to learn,

Misery pursues company

Living a fake perception

Holding them hostage while watching my blessings…

Testing my fire,

Mad I wasn’t blessing my presence

Easy to fool people they don’t know me,

Hoping to stop someone else from loving me

This demonic energy just wasn’t for me…

I’m God’s child, a prophet for lesbians

Undefeated by their whole hateful army of lies to defeat me

Since my pen was inking fame they couldn’t seek…

My mother disgusted behind the foolery,

She raised a genius with greatness in the making…

It took my mother words

To keep me inking…

I had to take these soul lashes

To become immortal…

I had to endure the pain to tell my stories,

God expose the truth of manipulation,

Defeated their army while history’s in the making…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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