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Hunger Games

Hunger Games

You make a move, I retaliate…

An ongoing punishment,

Hunger games leaving us both waiting,

Until the day of erotic starvation

An invitation to dinner,

Seated naked in fishnets at your entrance…

The main course being me

In the end you being the dessert I dreamed…

You approach me under the candle light

My eyes closed from the sensation of your moist lips kissing down my neck making circles around my beauty mole,

You feared my escape, so you entrapped me

Handcuffed at the ankles of the chair of seduction

Hungry for each other…

Emotions overflowed our chemistry wetness

No longer accepting no

Still, in position…

Legs locked open, I can’t runaway from this feeling, your tongue feels like I landed in erotic heaven…

I watched you, trembling

Feeding your hunger like a beast

Our eyes connect as you feast

Savoring the craving of me,

Both moaning a tune of freedom from hunger games

Soaked in position, eager to change positions…

Tasting the passion brewed between us

Our souls combining together

Not a care of who wins

We both ended our hunger games into love’s next transition… By Shana A. ©️

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