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Her Strength

Her Strength

Bent down in her strength…lavishing in her truths…the devil’s nightmare…

Tattooed in her own healing

Unbreakable the fake golden eyes can’t take her…

The internal scars can’t destroy the love she exudes

Her voluptuousness entice the darkest thoughts of her in nude,

Selective socialist…Limited to loving one feminist…

Haters weeded to sprout, a thirsty man’s drought…

Trying to break the soul’s vertebra,

Her intuition leading the way…out the vipers hideaway…

Ride or die for loyalty behind her back

Snakes lurking the mental…piling in stacks,

She plots, playing them like a pawn in chess…feeding their own mess,

Falling to her knees, recharging her energy, for the next battle of treachery

Biting disguised serpents…draining them with their own poison,

The power glows within her…she rises, fixes her hair…sexy again, in tight denim

She’s become untouchable…

Burying the weaknesses that can’t reside in her…now immune to snake venom…

By Shana A.©️


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