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They Misery

Updated: Mar 5

I hate to respond to foolery but this hurt my mother so I have too… Everybody knows I don’t play about my mother! You never know who people know.

I work damn hard writing my poetry and books and it’s not easy being real with my soul to the world. Last thing I need is nonsense. I don’t have drama in my life. I’m 100% authentic!!! I pray for those that get upset of seeing someone be great or dope with their work or moving on with their life.

Too the hateful homophobic men mad because I’m 100% lesbian and have no chance in hell with me 🖕🏾with my woman D…

Always analyze things! We are humans with feelings and it’s not cool to be out here lying on someone and making up rumors… Trying to ruin their credibility, character or growth etc. My mother/family watches my page and knows everything surrounding me and it’s sickening for her to have to hear nonsense!!! I’ve lost so much respect!!! You never know who or what you’re affecting when you speak garbage about people because of your jealousy…

Please stop listening to the ridiculous nonsense that you hear. Especially when the truth is so obvious. People lie for all kinds of reasons whether it’s to stop your success, you from loving somebody etc… Jealousy is a disease…Praying for you… 🧿🧿🧿🙏🏾💜 #theymisery

They Misery

I can feel it,

Your disappointment,

Your hurt,

The misery of being stuck in your lies

Your regrets,

The anger that fumes from your aura from allowing a diamond to slip through your fingers…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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