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Help Me Love You

Help Me Love You

I stopped my mind from wondering

So my soul can feel you amongst the silence

I hear your soul calling me, and I just want to respond

Help me love you…

It’s not your looks or your body I’m desiring, I’ve long past those desires,

It’s your thoughts of me I’m wanting

Your conversation of understanding

So I can fully love you,

Your soul entwined with mines, dancing in harmony,

I’m praying to love you, my mistakes come from confusion…

Although I’m erotic I get off on other qualities

Sex has never been the foundation of my love, just a added benefit of sensual love,

I’m connected, willing to invest in me and you…Help me love you…

I’ll embrace your scars with the tip of my tongue, caressing your pain in tender moments…

If you fail I’ll catch your fall

Materialistic things mean nothing at all…

It’s our spirits harmonizing that means the world,

In this new moon think of me so I can feel what you need from me to be each other’s peace

Showing you I love deep,

Your looks attracted me but I fell in love with your soul, what’s meant to be

Even when our bodies grow old

You will still look suave dripped in gold

I feel you needing me but you’re not helping me to love you

It’s not all about me but you left me with my thoughts, no mind reader to your thoughts,

Help me love you

Let’s be the solace for each other

Help me love you, I want you for as long as it can be, forever in this story of you and me…


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