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Happy Mother’s Day

My mother and I are like two peas from the same pod, but also as different as night and day…

I use to didn’t like hanging around her.  Especially when I first came out the closet. I kind of hid from my family. However, when she got sick that was a wake up call for me… Now we do almost everything together and she respects me as an adult and a lesbian…

I love my mother beyond words. She is truly my best friend. I’m blessed to have so many memories and more to come with her…

There really aren’t any words to describe our bond. Even when we get mad at each other for like ten minutes… We quickly resolve it because there is nothing in this world more precious.

I know everybody don’t have that kind of bond I have with my mother, but life is so short. Make sure you have a strong healthy relationship with your mother and spend as much time with her as possible. You wouldn’t be here without her…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms. Have a great day… 💜💋🫶🏾🌻😊


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