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Mental Health Month…Very important…

We are living in times where people are completely blind to their own mental health issues. They’re too busy analyzing someone else life. They don’t see the energy they put out is toxic…

Some people are so blind on what love is they judge others for how they choose to love. Never in all my years have I thought loving someone would create hatred…

How you treat others is a mirror of your own mental health… It’s time to stop evaluating others and face your own mirror…

Hating people you don’t know, hating to see people be successful, hating to see a person happy or in love and trying to inflict your pain on them are all mental health issues. If someone block away your negative energy that should be a wake up call that you’re giving off bad energy…

People aren’t sensitive to your negative thoughts… They just don’t want that hateful energy to contaminate their spirit. The energy you emit is contagious, so protect it…

Once you’ve tasted peace you will protect it at all cost… Nothing else will matter to you but that peace… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾 #growth

Respect an artist work, if you can’t do what I do, don’t judge it and if you can do it, respect it!!!

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